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Alternative Lifts available to Scissor Lifts, we look toward the Service Lift range

With the primary purpose of any lift being to move goods from A to B, there are alternative lifts to Scissor Lifts available such as a Service Lift or Dumb Waiter.

One of the biggest factors in the specification of a new dumbwaiter lift to consider is the regulations, it is vital to conform to safety and sizing requirements especially if the public will be using the lift equipment.

Governing the Lift industry is LEIA and British Standards cover the specific detail of what constitutes a safe working Service Lift.

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Types of places to use goods moving lifts

Almost anywhere can benefit from a lift, especially in the UK as we now find it difficult to build outwards and adding a mezzanine floor or basement becomes important for both commercial and residential developments.

Most typical however will be Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Libraries, Warehouses and Retail to name a few of the more obvious places.

We have many great partners in the lift industry to support us on such work as fitting other lifts too such as platform lifts.

Industrial Lifts

Back to Yeoman, we have a big range of Scissor Lifts, Pallet Trucks and Lifting tables to choose from when it is heavier or awkward loads you are trying to move around.

One of our big sellers is the humble Pallet Truck, nothing much to look at but warehouses up and down the country would cease to function without them.

Companies such as Sports Direct, Amazon and Poundland to name a few must use hundreds of pallet trucks across there various warehouses to continually keep stock on the move.

For the heavier movement, we would fit a lifting table which is power operated vs hand operated. In this case an installation team are required to be involved and professional engineers assigned to the install.



With many lifts now coming into the UK from Europe and worldwide, we believe it is important to keep manufacturing high quality lifting equipment here on the British Isles.

Good engineering always pays dividends down the line and customers stay happy for many years knowing craftsmanship has been employed on every lift made.

Another factor which is very important to clients and customers alike is warranty and extended service agreements, too many lift owners overlook that like a car it also needs lift servicing and maintenance. Routines are generally advised of between one lift service per year and four lift services depending on the type of lift, regulation and expected usage levels.

Technology in Lifts

Finally, we take a brief look at tech in lifts. For many year, lifts have stayed very much the same unlike many comparable pieces of machinery and very little technology has been applied. But in recent years, new evolutions have begun to appear such as connecting lifts to the internet and also belt driven lifts meaning the lift can run much faster over greater distances.

The future is bright for the lift industry it would appear.