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Elite Lift Trolleys

Elite Lift TrolleysSimply the best lift trolleys in the world – a bold statement but true! These trolleys are designed for white coat environments such as electronics, pharmaceuticals', healthcare, bio-chemical and food processing. They are the most easily manoeuvrable, user friendly and safest lift trolley that money can buy. Only the very highest quality components and materials are used. Battery and manually powered versions are available and all have short axles and tight wheelbases for use in the most confined working environments. The platform and chassis is zinc galvanised.

This is a premium priced product but worth every penny!

MODELRaisedHt.Lowered Ht.Platform Lth x WthCapacityPRICE
TRLTZ303920mm320mm900 x 600mm300Kg EDL£762.00
TRLTZD2031620mm450mm900 x 600mm200Kg EDL£1119.00
TRLTZ503920mm330mm900 x 600mm500Kg EDL£949.00
TRLTZD203B1620mm450mm900 x 600mm200Kg EDL£1791.00
TRLTZ503B920mm320mm900 x 600mm500Kg EDL£1642.00

Elite Lift TrolleysAll our trolleys are fully EN1570 compliant and are supplied with a European Declaration of Conformity. Two fixed and two swivel wheels all with toe guards. Hose burst valves and mechanical safety chocks are fitted as standard.

Lift Trolley

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