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Pallet Stackers

Quite simply these products are your best and most economical method of safely handling pallets. The pallet can be raised and moved between work stations, lifted on to racking or loaded on to a vehicle.
Free entry pallets, cages and boxes can be elevated to 1500mm, suitable for lorry bed loading. Using the extended tiller arm the pallet can be easily moved with the most confined working environments.
This product is fully EN1757 compliant.
Our stackers are low maintenance and very easy to operate with easy hand pump elevation and finger trigger lowering. If you need to lift and transport pallets this is the product you can not do without!
MODEL RaisedHt. Lowered Ht. Platform Lth x Wth Capacity PRICE
TRLPA0515 1500mm 88mm 1150 x 540mm 500Kg �09.00
TRLPA1015 1500mm 88mm 1150 x 540mm 1000Kg �49.00
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