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Advantages of Using Access Platforms Over Ladders

Whether you're doing DIY or something for work, eventually you'll have to work at a height, and for most people this simply means grabbing a ladder and getting on with it. However, working at any height has its dangers, and it's important not to ignore the risks in the pursuit of speed. That's why access platforms are becoming a much more popular option for those who need to reach areas at a height, from a few metres to a few storeys. Here are some reasons why they have so many advantages over ladders, and how they can be used in domestic or commercial situations.

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One of the best things about access platforms is their sturdiness. Standing on a ladder often feels unsafe, no matter how used you are to working at heights, and it can make a lot of people nervous. Being able to hire an access platform for a van mounted vehicle or similar lift will offer a strong, sturdy foundation, allowing even nervous people to work at a height.


When you work on a ladder, you need one hand to steady yourself, and the other to actually do the work. This can be difficult if you're fixing something, painting etc, as you can never fully concentrate on the task. With an access platform or scissor lift, you are firmly secured in a harness, so have both hands free to do the task at hand. This is also useful if you need to take tool boxes, paint cans, or other bulky items to the right height, and it gives you space to work effectively.

Longer jobs

Standing on a ladder simply isn't an option for longer jobs. It's tiring and uncomfortable, and nobody should be up a ladder longer than they need to. In these cases, access platforms are often a much more comfortable place to work. It means you have a place to put down your tools, and you can easily change position as you work to avoid cramps and repetitive strain injury.

Health & safety

There are very strict health and safety rules regarding working at heights. Doing a job at any height that could potentially lead to a fall will cause issues, and will need a risk assessment. Anything over a storey high is easier and safer when using a platform versus a ladder, and when you hire a platform you'll get a trained operator to help you out. They'll be able to show you how to best use the platform safely, and can advise on the proper harnesses to be used, and how to best operate the equipment.

Next time you need to do some painting, clean gutters, or do any job at a height, a van mounted access platform can make the job so much easier and safer than a ladder. It also gives you longer to do the job, and means you can carry out complex tasks with ease, while still being a surprisingly affordable option

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